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About Sipi Corporate

Earning trust.
Delivering value.

Customers trust Sipi to create additional value from the world’s essential assets. We manage, produce, refine and recover precious metals, technology equipment, and copper alloys, helping customers realize more—greater returns, higher quality, fast delivery and exceptional service.

The best way to handle waste and extend the availability and utility of precious metals, copper alloys and electronic equipment is to keep them from becoming waste in the first place. However, doing so isn’t easy.


Smart companies know that value exists. What they need is someone with the know-how and capabilities to make it happen.

Sipi: Your partner for the essential assets challenge

Based in Chicago, Illinois, Sipi is an international company dedicated to high-quality results, exceptional customer service, ISO-certified operations and sustainable environmental responsibility. Our operations extend across traditional refining and recovery boundaries to deliver high-tech, highly precise services focused on three main areas:

Precious metal recovery

Our refining services help businesses recover value from precious metals contained in manufacturing byproduct, e-scrap, mining and other materials.

Copper alloys casting ingot and master alloys

Our copper alloys unit produces technically precise, high-quality copper alloy products using a combination of primary and secondary materials.

IT asset disposition

Sipi asset recovery services help businesses navigate the disposition challenges of surplus technology. Whether refurbishing units for resale, relocating data centers or reclaiming the inherent copper and precious metals, we excel at recovering value from technology assets—while maintaining the highest levels of physical and data security at every step.

The Sipi Advantage

  • Integrated operations
    Spanning precious metal recovery, copper alloy production and technology asset disposition
  • Real-world expertise
    Helping you identify new opportunities to manage surplus or obsolete equipment, manufacturing waste, mining byproduct and e-scrap
  • Certified to ISO 9001/14001, ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Accredited,   e-Stewards* and R2* standards
    Meeting the highest standards of quality and environmental responsibility
    *Sipi Asset Recovery only
  • Protecting your interests
    Ensuring maximum value for assets turned into revenue; advocating for environmental responsibility; and delivering reliable customer service. We lead the industry for physical and data security standards compliance, and provide detailed tracking for all orders, regardless of product and service.
  • Security and stability
    Independently owned since 1905 with a well-earned reputation for financial strength and satisfied, long-term customers
  • State-of-the-art facilities
    Including a metals laboratory with a level of sophistication and quality commonly found at the world’s largest precious metals operations
  • High technical expertise and transparency
    Helping customers receive the best quality and value in our products and services
  • Fast, responsive logistics assistance
    Full services for collecting material for processing and delivering finished goods
Certified woman owned business

For help unlocking the value of your essential assets, let's talk.


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