Accuracy Ensured

Accuracy, ensured

Sipi’s metal refinery customers require the utmost accuracy in the testing that establishes values for settlement and production controls of precious metals and copper alloys. Our ISO/IEC 17025:2005-Accredited facility combines in-house metallurgical expertise with cutting-edge technology including inductively coupled plasma spectrometry, classic fire assay, wet chemical determination, and wavelength dispersive x-ray fluorescence spectroscopy.

Log on for total traceability

Sipi's asset recovery customers need full visibility and documentation to meet environmental and industry demands. With our online tools customers can track assets from the moment they leave the facility until final resolution and provide a documented and auditable trail. Learn more about online tracking from Sipi Asset Recovery.

Every last nugget

We've developed unique processes for gold and silver ore refining customers who need help reclaiming value locked up in byproduct they cannot recover efficiently themselves. By combining our custom-built equipment with our metallurgic science, we can turn what would otherwise be lost opportunity into revenue.